Who doesn’t love getting likes on Instagram? We have all been guilty of doing our best to get a bunch of likes on the gram.

Well, we've got you covered with tips of our own and even some from hootsuite.com to keep your feed alive and thriving. #StopTheLikesStruggle

• Hashtags are everything. Don’t use too many 2-3 are plenty. Make sure they are relevant and switch them up on every post.

• Timing is crucial. Post during prime Instagram hours when everyone is on checking their feed.

• Post on story hiding your new photo. Make your followers curious and have them go directly to your profile.

• Tag as much as you can. Tag your location, people, stores, brands, everything. Draw people to your picture.

• Captions are the best way to make people love your picture. Make them think, laugh, relate, etc. just make sure it isn’t super long. No one is on Instagram to read.

• Visually appealing photo. No one wants to see a picture of a something boring. According to hootsuite.com, studies have shown, that showing faces in your photo will get you more likes.

• Post regularly but don’t over do it. No one wants your face all over their feed. But, posting weekly will keep people interested in your life.

• Share posts on other social media like Twitter or Facebook. Instagram even has a way for you to link your other social media so it automatically posts to them.

• Make sure to like and engage with other people’s posts. Don’t expect people to like your photos if you do not like theirs. It’s just basic respect.

• Use a consistent theme. Keep your profile aesthetically pleasing. Choose a color, travel, nature or whatever you want and stick to it. Intern Natalie suggests editing your picture on VSCO to make magic happen.

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