The world of professional sports can be a hard one to get into. I, myself work part time for the NFL and it wasn't easy breaking into the industry. I've worked part time for the New York Jets for three years and I have talked to so many people who were so grateful just to have that part time position, but wanted to make that a full time position in the future. Some of them did, some of them didn't. It's a tough industry to "make it" in and it is especially hard for those who want to become cheerleaders.

For the first time ever, NFL cheerleader tryouts had to be done virtually and the tryout process can be a tough one because cheerleaders trying out must prepare a dance routine, they must have some sort of costume, they have to have their hair and makeup nicely, This may not be the official tryout rules, but I am just going off of what friends have told me when they tried out for various NFL cheerleading teams. I believe there is also an interview portion of the tryout, so it can be very stressful and the process does take some time. According to 6ABC, The Eagles started out with 576 cheerleaders auditioning for the team, and they ended up added only 8 new members to their team and the rest are returning members. The Patch reports that a woman from Bucks County has made the Eagles Cheerleading team. Kailyn Obetz is from Doylestown, is one of the 8 new members of the team and 6ABC says, she is a graduate from the University of Florida and she has a Bachelor's degree in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Wow! The Patch says, she is very excited for this upcoming season.

You can see Kailyn Obetz and the new members, including two others from Pennsylvania finding out that they made the team in the Twitter video below.

You can check out all 8 new members of the team here. Congrats to all and we hope you get to show off your skills at Lincoln Financial Field this year.

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