Did you know there was an award for "America's Best Bathroom"? Neither did I.

That is, until I saw this article online earlier today on NBC 10 Philadelphia that Delaware Botanic Gardens at Pepper Creek in Dagsboro, DE just made the list of the Top 10 finalists for the title of "America's Best Bathroom 2022."

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The annual contest is run by Cintas, an American businesses services company. But why bathrooms? According to the contest page:

"The reality is that restrooms matter to the public. How a business maintains its facilities is a reflection of a business’ commitment to customer service... Cintas is on a mission to locate America’s porcelain pioneers who are taking dramatic steps to create unforgettable facilities."

So that got me thinking: Are there any other nationally recognized, amazing, show stopping, Instagram-worthy bathrooms around us?

There are! And this bathroom at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA made their "Hall of Fame" list!

This is the bathroom that took home the title of "America's Best Bathroom" in 2014. It's earned high praise from Cintas on the HOF page:

"Aside from the restrooms’ lush greenery, they also feature domed, naturally lit lavatory cabinets hidden within the “Green Wall.” In addition, each restroom contains etched translucent glass at the top of the dome to provide natural light, reduce electricity and minimize the need for light fixtures."


At first glance, with the bathroom doors surrounded by the lush greenery, you wouldn't think this is a public bathroom. It's a garden within a garden!


Check out this YouTube video by Golden Thrones that goes into a deep dive of this beautifully botanic bathroom at Longwood. (There really is something on the Internet for everything!)

Voting is now open for "America's Best Bathroom 2022". You can vote HERE until Aug. 26!

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