It's time for yet another optical illusion that has sent the internet into a tizzy. This time it's not a blue (or gold) dress... or a car door. Now it's just a "black and white" photo.

Here it is: 

Yeah, this image shows a group of girls who appear to be wearing different colored shirts. In fact, we were looking at the photo in the studio, and we all saw red, blue, yellow and green shirts.

Well, the illusion, which Yahoo! says was first shared by Øyvind Kolås, is actually black and white.

So what's happening? Well, it's just "a series of saturated lines forming a grid," and "the trick is our brain automatically fills in the squares, giving the illusion of a solid color," Yahoo! summarized.

That is kind of freaky, right?

Kolas, by the way, has shared other photos with a similar illusion on his Twitter account as well.

Well, I guess we'll debate that one for weeks to come.

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