While driving in the Bensalem area you better make sure you are looking out for pedestrians, deer, and now also Ben the Turkey.

According to a post created by Bensalem Township on Facebook, Mayor DiGirolamo has asked the Public Works Department to put up signs that ask residents in the area to be careful with Ben the Turkey.

The signs that were put up in the Bensalem read, "Caution Ben Turkey Crossing."

There is no chance that you will miss the sign because it is a big red sign that you can see right under other traffic signs.

According to FOX 29, Ben the Turkey is known in the area. Yes, it is probably because he is a nice looking turkey but also because he causes a lot of traffic.

Here is a fun fact. FOX 29 shared that Ben the Turkey actually has a favorite snack. Not only that, but he is also always picture ready and poses for people when they are trying to catch a picture of him.

Multiple residents from the Bensalem area have shared their gratitude for the sign to protect Ben the Turkey. Some residents wrote in that comment section, "Thank you Bensalem for putting up the signs to protect Ben!"

Other Facebook users have said that the signs may be useful on “Bristol and Neshaminy Blvd too since he wanders in the intersection and stops in the middle."

Ben the Turkey is causing some traffic out there but the great thing is that he is bringing some humor to the people in the Buck County area.

Just FYI, Ben the Turkey actually has a Facebook page and has a great following as well.

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