Hopefully you have some good plans this weekend! Hopefully those plans include going out and having an adult beverage! I know I will be!

But I just came back from my honeymoon, so I've got a little bit of a vacation belly going on! I mean come on, 7 days with my new husband at an all-inclusive resort and all we did was eat and drink whatever we wanted? Yeah, I knew I'd get a vacation belly!

I'm usually a fit girl and I watch what I eat and what I drink because I know that calories add up really fast! So if you're like me, I've got some drinks for you to order, or make at home that will still keep you on track with your diet.

1. Tequila with lime juice
2. Vodka seltzer with lemon
3. Mojito (but ask for it without simple syrup)
4. Rosé
5. White wine (my go-to)

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