A post by Monica Tierney, the Director of Parks and Recreation for Lower Makefield Township, PA says that the Township's community pool (The Pool at LMT) will not open in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Pool at LMT complex is located at 1050 Edgewood Road.  According to the Township's website, the complex has 4 heated swimming pools, diving boards, slides, and more.

Here is a portion of Tierney's statement:

It is with great sadness that I am announcing the closure of the LMT Pool for the 2020 season. I understand these words have echoed for you throughout 2020 in a variety of instances including the closure of the Disney Parks, disruption of the NBA and NHL seasons, and the delay of the Olympic Games. We all just hoped that it would not affect us locally, the truth is there just isn’t any avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have spent hours and many sleepless nights calculating different scenarios, but we cannot accommodate for the financial shortfalls created by this disease. In every scenario we come up short financially, the only choice was to choose the best of the worst. In order to save the future financial stability of The Pool, we must close this year.

As you know, the pool is revenue driven; no tax dollars are used to operate our pool. The pool also has a six to eight-week lead time.  If we started getting ready May 1, then we would not be able to open until at July 1. The longer we are on a stay at home order the later this gets pushed back. This would cost The Pool hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We also must consider the unknown variables. For example, many residents may be without income this year and will be unable to afford a pool membership. In addition, many residents may not be comfortable in a large gathering space even when this is all done.

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