I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but the shelves have been stocked up recently. Not only does it seem like toilet paper and food are really making a comeback, but it also looks like Lysol is back! Lysol is making more products than ever due to the pandemic.

It looks like this time around, Lysol has us covered. The company has picked up it’s pace throughout this entire pandemic. According to bloomberg.com Every day the factory uses up at least three tanker cars of ethanol that arrive by train, each carrying about 30,000 gallons. The plant can produce 700 to 800 cans of Lysol a minute, all of them quickly bought and used, or hoarded, by Americans desperate to keep their stuff virus-free. I guess it is safe to say that we should not have to worry about running out of this life saving product for a long time! 

The best part about this news is that the company is right here in New Jersey! The Lysol plant is in Hillsborough, New Jersey. 

I know that at the beginning of this pandemic people were in stores going crazy looking for any cleaning supplies. I specifically remember back in March right before my trip to Atlanta, I went to Target and the shelves were full of disinfectant wipes. Like a dummy, I only bought 1 tub. Granted, it was a big one, but still, I should have gotten more. I don’t think anyone anticipated the entire world running low on this now life staple.  When I got back from my trip the shelves were empty! People were running around to find any kind of disinfectant. Some people even made their own with tequila, peroxide, alcohol, or vinegar. I was one of those that had to make my own as well.



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