I know it's not even Halloween yet and people are already counting down to Christmas. I get it, the Christmas season is a great one, but I feel as soon as Halloween is over, everything turns to Christmas. I like to enjoy each season as it comes and when it's here. However, I'm not surprised that a huge department store like Macy's has decided they need an entirely separate store for the Holidays.

According to NJ.com, Macy's has opened two separate Christmas stores inside Quaker Bridge Mall and Menlo Park Mall called Holiday Lane. These stores are decked out in Christmas decor and gifts, perfect for people who like to get a head start on their Holiday shopping. You can even shop online at Macy's Holiday Lane.

Now, Macy's already decorates like crazy for Christmas and usually does it earlier than most stores, but yes, Macy's Holiday Lane does exist and it's right at our local mall. If you're into the premature Christmas season, a visit to Macy's Holiday Lane might be where you need to go.

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