ESPN reports, Major League Baseball has announced that they will allow fans to attend the National League Championship Series as well as the World Series. There will be about 11,500 tickets sold for the games, which will keep the outdoor Texas Rangers baseball stadium's capacity at about 28%. Fans must wear masks when they sit in their seats and when they leave their seats.They only time they can be without a mask is when they are eating. Seats will also be in groups of four to keep everyone socially distant. We are seeing these sort of grouping and pod seatings popping up more and more as events are taking place.

I was born a Yankees fan and I will die a Yankees fan. My entire family loves and has been following the Bronx Bombers for as long as I can remember. The Yanks are looking pretty good this year and there's a chance they may actually go to the World Series. I remember the last time they won the World Series was in 2009 and my Dad, who is the biggest fan of us all, was thrilled. Before the pandemic, I went to multiple Yankees games a season with family and friends and I cannot wait to bring my son Nathan to his very first game. I wonder how much World Series tickets will go for? There are going to be people literally everywhere trying to get some. To be honest, if the Yankees do make it to the World Series, I don't think I'll spend thousands of dollars to go, I'll wait for another year.

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