This is one of those instances where I think to myself, only in Philadelphia.

A guy from Philadelphia went viral on Twitter for making and conquering his own challenge. A food challenge, that is.

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A picture of this Philly guy who the internet is calling “Chicken Man” has been circulating the internet because he had a proposition for everyone in the surrounding area. He asked if everyone wanted to come to see him eat chicken.


Yes, WATCH him EAT chicken. Honestly, I’m not even sure what this guy’s real name is, but he’s been documenting this challenge he made for himself which was eating an entire rotisserie chicken every single day for 40 days.

Talk about being a favorite at Costco, he probably has spent so much money there getting a chicken every day. He told everyone where he would be on November 6th and that he would be completing day 40 of his rotisserie chicken eating challenge.


This flier was posted not only online, but on telephone poles throughout the city and Philadelphia did not disappoint.

I actually can’t believe so many people showed up to not only watch this internet icon finish his last full chicken but post it all over the internet.

The eating of the last chicken went down yesterday at 12 noon on “that abandoned peer near Walmart”. Literally the most cryptic and sketchy description of an address I’ve ever seen, but it ended up working out because the crowd showed up and cheered him on.

There were easily 100+ people who came out to watch this Philly guy finish his challenge.

This city has the best spirit, I swear.

Congrats, Chicken Man.

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