According to The New York Post, Mean Girls, the musical will not be returning to Broadway. Mean girls the musical opened in 2018 and did very well before the pandemic forced Broadway to shut down. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the show shut down like the rest of broadway and the costs that the show has endured since then are so big that they cannot reopen the show. Mean Girls the musical is based on the 2004 movie Starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Producers of the broadway musical are sad to see the show disappear from broadway, but do hope to keep plans for their national tour which started in 2019 before the pandemic began. There are also talks to film the musical that way people who haven't seen it can still do so.

I remember when Mean Girls came out in 2004. It was one of those movies that made you laugh at the funny parts but also paid attention since it's based on things that happen in real life. I went to school with a bunch of mean girls who always made people's lives miserable. I remember coming home from school crying and my dad even thought about moving us somewhere else to finish out my senior year. I rose above it and always told myself that if I had a daughter, I would make sure to warn her about bullies, because girls can be brutal to one another. It's sad to see this musical go, like a few others on broadway, but luckily it will still be able to be seen elsewhere.

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