Ever since getting out of prison, rapper Meek Mill has been actively involved in prison reform and doing what he can to bring about change throughout the entire country. He has especially dedicated his time to advocating for his hometown, the city of Philadelphia. The other week, Mill and Philadelphia Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins participated in a town hall to voice their opinions on who should be the next police commissioner.

Their goal by showing up and being there was to give voice to the local residents who do not have the platform to be heard. Both Jenkins and Mill brought up controversial topics like racial profiling and police brutality. Mill suggested that law enforcement work with rather than against local residents to come up with solutions to these on-going problems.

“The relationship [with] the police gotta be bridged. If it’s not going to be bridged, it will forever be separated. I don’t think anything can be done about it until both sides step up,” Meek Mill said. “We’re here, we’re talking today, we’re ready to step up. I don’t know if there are any police officers in the building today, but after this, I hope we can just build and make things work.”

Both men also talked about how the city of Philadelphia wants accountability” and “transparency” in the search for a new chief. So hopefully these two celebrities advocating on the city's behalf will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

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