There isn't a single person in Philadelphia who can say that rapper Meek Mill doesn't give back to his community. Ever since he got out of jail a few years ago, he has strived to turn his life around and make a difference in the culture. Recently he teamed up with 76ers owner Michael Rubin to create a scholarship fund for undeserving kids in area. Now he is giving back in the spirit of Christmas.

Mill recently gave out Christmas gifts to families impacted by the criminal justice system. He and his DreamChasers crew have been getting their Santa Claus on and are going around the area dropping of toys and presents. One family in particular was overcome with emotion when they got a surprise facetime call from Mill.

According to TMZ, the Morse household unwrapped gifts like an Xbox Series X, Puma clothing, iPads and a lot more.  “It’s been a tough year for all of us, but through all the ups and downs, I’ll always do my part to support and give back to the Philly community that raised me,” Mill told TMZ.

The giving didn't stop there. Mill also donated 30 thousand dollars to the volunteer group Twelve Days of Christmas . This organization is in the process of buying gifts for 30 North Philly families.


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