Once again, Meek Mill is the center of some controversy on social media. The Philadelphia rapper hopped on the new Clubhouse app last night in attempt to discuss how leaders in the community can help up and coming rappers rise up in the music industry. Celebrities like Pnb rock, Gillie, Wallo, Swizz Beatz and 21 Savage were all a part of the discussion.

The conversation somehow turned into a full out argument with the recording of the shouting match eventually finding its way to Twitter. What was meant to be a healthy discussion about building up black Philadelphia artists, turned into Mill trying to defend himself and prove that he has done more for the city than most people.

Right now Meek Mill is a trending topic across all social media platforms. He has become the subject of memes and jokes for the way he handled his chat room last night. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Mill was apparently on the app for hours yelling and threatening to kick those out of the room who didn't agree with him.

Meek even said his peace on how he feels about North Philly "banning" him from the city.

"Let's talk about being banned," Mill stated. "Can I be banned from Philadelphia? If I went down to south Philly right now to shoot a video, who can stop me? Who can real stop me for real for real. Let's be serious...…."I can't be banned. Its impossible."


Since everything hit the fan, Meek has since apologized for his overreaction and promises to control his emotions better in 2021.

Watch the full audio recording here.


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