I am super excited to tell you about this upcoming event that I really want to go to! It is an event that caters to penguin fanatics! On Saturday January 4th, the Philadelphia Zoo is having a Penguin Behind the Scenes guided tour.

This tour is designed for guests 5 years and older. If you purchase the $75 ticket you get to meet the zoo’s penguin colony closer than you could ever imagine before as you enter and explore the new exhibit, Penguin Point. It is also awesome because you and a keeper will be able to feed them an assortment of fish!

The max group size that you can bring is 6 people and the tour lasts for 20 minutes. The ticket that you purchased also includes admission to the park, so if you would like you can spend the rest of the day at the zoo! The Philadelphia Zoo address is 3400 West Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104. This event sounds awesome and I hope many penguin enthusiasts attend!!

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