I like the sound of this. There's a new, upscale Martini Bar and members only lounge opening soon in Doylestown, according to The Patch.

It's Frost Martini Bar & Lounge and it has a high end, trendy New York vibe. The first floor will be open to the public and the upstairs will be members only with 65-70 seats.

The 2nd floor is already very popular with Frost announcing on Facebook that the Lounge memberships are currently sold out. Wow. There is a wait list. You'll need to fill out an online application here to be put on it.

It's located in downtown Doylestown where Bobby Simone's Restaurant and Bar used to be (46 East State Street) across from Rakkii Ramen, the article says.

The two floors will have very different feels.

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The first floor will be more casual. There will be TVs so you can catch a game, live bands and jazz bands on select nights.

The 2nd floor will have a fancier vibe, more quiet, sophisticated. A great place to bring clients or celebrate special occasions.

Take the video tour below:

Frost will offer a large selection of house-made infusions, a unique and rare wine collection, fun cocktails (they have their own Mixologist), freshly squeezed juices and more.

Members will enjoy members-only private tastings and events.

Managing Partner, Uri Abrams told The Patch, "Frost is something very different that Doylestown does not have. We don't want to be another bar. This is going to be a New York-style Martini Lounge - very high end, very exclusive with a great vibe."

For much more on this fabulous, new place, click here.

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