We're living in a time when people scroll through pictures and instantly decide whether to swipe left or swipe right. That's why a first impression is so important when it comes to dating sites.

One of those sites, dating.com, has just released the results of a poll that it conducted among its users and some of the findings are very interesting.

For example, dating.com says nearly 90% of men believe that posting a shirtless profile picture will improve their chances of getting matches.

Here's the problem.  Dating.com reports that men who post a shirtless profile picture receive 25% fewer matches than men who post a profile pic with their shirts on.

In addition to that, 2/3 of women polled say that a guy who has a shirtless profile pic "implies a lack of maturity and self-awareness."

And here's more bad news for shirtless men. Dating.com says 76% of women say that they would probably not consider having a committed relationship with a man who has shirtless pics in his profile.

So how do men feel about women who have bikini pics in their profiles? No surprise here --- dating.com says that women who have at least one bikini picture in their profile get 40% more matches than women remained covered up.

And if you were curious, dating.com reports that about 1 in 5 women have pictures of themselves in bikinis in their profiles. Meanwhile, about 3 in 5 men include at least 1 shirtless pic in their profiles.

Dating.com is one of several sites owned and operated by The Dating Group, which has over 73 million registered users.

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