Looking for a job?  This could help. Mercer County is holding a drive -thru job fair TODAY (Wednesday, October 28th), according to Mercer County's official website.

I love the event's tagline...Steer Your Career in the Right Direction. Get it?  It's a drive-thru. Lol. In all seriousness, I know there are so many local people that have lost their jobs recently because of the coronavirus pandemic. It's scary to think you may not be able to pay your bills, or even worse, not be able to put food on the table to feed your family. Please go take advantage of this absolutely free service. It could change your life around for the better.

The 3rd annual drive-thru job fair is happening from 11am - 1pm in the main parking lot of the Cure Insurance Arena on South Broad Street. What you'll do is just drive up (make sure you're wearing a face mask), get a bag filled with information from companies that are hiring right now, and be on your way. It's that easy.

Please tell everyone you know that needs help securing a job right now about today's event.The opportunities are out there, you just need some help finding them.

The Cure Insurance Arena is located at 81 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton. For more information or questions, please email jobs@mercercounty.org or call (609) 989-6066.

Did you know that Mercer County has a One-Stop Career Center? They work tirelessly to connect businesses with great potential employees. To find out more information about their services, and to register for today's drive-thru job fair, click here.

Good luck. Sending you positive vibes.

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