Polls across Mercer County, NJ are open and accepting ballots.

But county officials are working behind the scenes to fix a printing and scanning issue with the ballots. As a result, voters are required to use the emergency slot on the voting machines.

"No voter should walk away. They can vote manually," Mercer County's Clerk Paula Sollami-Covello told 94.5 PST on Tuesday morning.

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The county Clerk's office tells us that the problem stems from an issue with the scanners on the voting machines not reading the ballots. The manufacturer of the machines, Dominion, is sending representatives to the county, who will work with local IT officials to resolve the issue.

Polls remain open, however, across the county, and they will remain open all day. So voters should report as normal to their polling location to be handed an official ballot.

"There is a slot on the top of the scanner and voters can vote and are voting manually," Sollami-Covello tells us. Poll workers are trained to handle any issues that may arise on-site, she says.

If you have an issue and need assistance, you can call the County Clerk's Office at 609-989-6494.


Polls across the state of New Jersey remain open until 8 pm tonight.

This is a developing story. We'll keep you updated.

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