All of your friends are posting selfies showing off their "I Voted" stickers, right? You want to join them, but you probably didn't get a sticker when you voted in Mercer County today.

Why is Mercer County left out? Well, it's actually cost issue for the state, according to the Mercer County Clerk.

"We don’t provide those stickers and haven’t for years," County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello wrote on Twitter to a concerned voter. "Generally, in States that provide them, it comes from Board of Elections."

We have heard of some voters in New Jersey who received their "I Voted" stickers. How are they receiving them?

Well, an Ocean County official previously told our sister station, WOBM, that some individual poll workers "may pick up a roll (of stickers) on their way in" to the polling station, but they confirmed that the stickers are not provided by the county or the state.

We haven't been able to track down how many polling places in Bucks County have "I Voted" stickers either, but it sounds like some polling stations are also without stickers today:

By the way, we looked on Amazon at how much a roll of stickers costs, and yes, they're pretty expensive. We found a roll of 500 stickers available on Amazon Prime for $18.99. We were going to order the stickers, but they won't arrive until Thursday.

So sticker or not, you should totally go out and vote today anyway.

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