The Mercer County Park Commission is seeking the public's input on possible upgrades for a Hamilton Township Park.

The conversations center around the 370-acre parcel of land called Dam Site 21.The park is located on the land where Hamilton, Robbinsville, and West Windsor meet. It's a plot of land on Hughes Drive in Hamilton, according to

The area currently features a 55-acre lake. The park is used by the public for fishing and hiking activities, but the area could offer more in the future, officials say. 

As a result, the Mercer County Parks Commission is seeking the public's input on what they'd like to be developed in the area. In fact, they've launched an online survey to take the public's pulse as they work with architects to expand the recreational area.

The online survey is seeking the public's input on how they'd use everything from additional hiking trails to new picnic areas and dog parks in the areaWe're not talking about a "water park" per se, but we are talking about fun recreational opportunities near the lake area. 

Additionally, we'll all have the chance to sound off as the parks commission will be holding a series of public meetings about the project. (including one tomorrow inside the Conference Center at Mercer County Community College). The meeting runs from 6:30 - 8:30 pm. You can get more details about that meeting here. 

“We see this as a wonderful opportunity, not only for the Mercer County greater area, but the particular residents nearby,” the superintendent of parks Anthony Cucchi told

The online survey is open through October, so it could be a while before anything is finalized. However, we love spending time in our area parks, so we can't wait to see the upgrades.

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