Annnddddd ... I'm officially jealous.

If you weren't aware Michael B Jordan is one of my #MCM's (Man Crushes) ...

I'm so mad I didn't get an invite to this. Not only because I think Michael B Jordan is fine, but because I also enjoyed the first Creed and I would love to see the squeal as well.

Any-who ... although the movie has wrapped and the cast is gone from Philly they made a quick return to the City of Brotherly Love. The movie doesn't officially come out until next week, Wednesday, November 21st (Which I find weird because, don't movies come out on Friday's? But I guess it is Thanksgiving eve and that would make sense and also drive sales) but there was a special screening in South Philly over the weekend.

The best part about the screening according to is that the Creed II cast ... yes, including Michael B Jordan surprised fans at the showing. How lit is that?!

Very cool, and I'm kinda over my fomo since I just vented about it in this blog which is also very cool for me.

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