If you ever had tamales you know that you can only go to certain places to have them made correctly. Not every tamale is a good tamale. That's why I am always particular about where I get them from.

You can't eat Mexican food without ordering tamales for the table. If you have never had one, tamales are steamed dough that is filled with different kinds of meats, beans, vegetables, and cheese. Think of it as a burrito, but better. The next time you and your friends have Taco Tuesday night at your favorite Mexican joint, order tamales as an appetizer. They will come out with a choice of guacamole or pico de Gallo for you to enjoy.

There are plenty of places in Philadelphia to get some tamales. My friends and I had some over the weekend at a restaurant called Tamalex on 7th street in Passyunk Square. The place is a small, hole-in-the-wall joint that can be easy to miss. But the best places are the lowkey ones, right?

A bunch of food lovers on Redditt created a forum on where to find the best tamales in the city. Another place that was thrown out there was Mole Poblano in South Philly. Apparently, they only serve tamales on the weekends, but they are 100 percent worth the wait. The place is cash only, but the tamales are not only inexpensive but they are pretty large.

What are your favorite places in the city to get tamales?


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