Middletown Township police are clarifying rumors that have been swirling about a possible attempt of a child abduction over the past weekend. They say that no actual attempt to abduct a child was made over the weekend.

Rumors have been circulating on social media about the attempted luring/abduction since it took place this past Saturday in the Penncrest section of Middletown Township.

Police say that a suspicious vehicle (a small red Honda) was reportedly seen in the area where a child was walking on Saturday (February 21).

The driver, who was described as a heavyset Hispanic male, reportedly exited the vehicle and appeared to walk toward the child, police say.

Nothing was said to the child, and NO contact was made with the child before the man got back into the vehicle and drove away, police say.

"This person’s intention(s) are unknown and there was no actual attempt to abduct anyone," the township police department said on Tuesday.

The investigation into the incident continues, but they have promised to have increased patrols in the Penncrest section (and surrounding areas) of town over the next two weeks.

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