Mike Posner, who is known for his smash hits “Cooler Than Me” and “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, is on a nationwide journey, or as he calls it, a ‘Walk Across America’.

Posner kicked off his journey in Asbury Park, New Jersey this past Monday. He will continue to walk across the country to final his destination: Venice Beach, California.

Posner has been through a lot of hardships in His recent years. His father passed away in 2017 due to brain cancer.  He has also lost close friends, Avicii and Mac Miller. Posner mentioned to CBS, "I know what it's like to be depressed and in a dark place." Now it all makes sense. In 2017 I had a chance to sit with the singer and he just sounded like he wasn't all there.

According to cbsnews.com, Posner’s goal for this journey is “to inspire others to seize the day.”

He will be walking across America and stopping at different locations to perform “ninja shows”, which he will tweet out the locations for so that fans can come see his performances.

Walking across the country would be an insane experience and I’m pretty sure that many people will be inspired by Posner’s actions. Hope that he’s able to accomplish whatever he is looking for on his journey.

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