Mike Posner’s walk across America gained a lot of attention recently after he revealed that he was bitten by a rattlesnake in Colorado.

He was airlifted to the hospital and is in recovery now, showing that he has to use a walker to get around. He tweeted a video from the hospital, saying,  “From 24 miles per day to using this walker to get to bathroom. I’m on my way back. Gonna rebuild with patience and equanimity.”

Posner started his walk in Asbury Park in April. He said that for every state line he crosses, he’ll release a new song. His website lists 30 cities as checkpoints that he hopes to hit. His 3,000 mile journey will end in Venice, California.

  1. Leave each town we go through a little bit better than when we arrived.
  2. Practice deep listening: I will be spending periods of my walk compassionately listening to people with as much of my full attention as possible. This means listening to others, not to the voice in my head.
  3. Love everybody.
  4. Sing for people.
  5. Enjoy where I am in the journey. Don’t waste time obsessing about getting to the end.

He says that he won’t be able to walk for a few weeks, but he gave a shout-out to the nurses and doctors who are helping him recover.

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