Miller High Life, which is the champagne of beers, knows that this pandemic has been hard on everyone. They know that it's been especially hard on the people who miss their local dive bars. I know it, as soon as I turned 21, there were some dive bars I could not wait to get in to. They give you that warm feeling, but you also don't wanna wear your best shoes in there because your feet will stick to the floor. Miller High Life is running a contest right now and if you win, they will give you a dive bar of your own that is valued at about $10,000 according to Good News Network and Miller High Life's Instagram.


It's got everything you could want and need in a dive bar. The coolest part I think, it's right in your backyard. You can get nice and silly and then walk inside your house. Tell your friends to come and stay too. I have always said to my husband that I want a bar in our backyard. Our yard is huge and although I don't want to fill it up with tacky things, I do want to utilize the space we have and made it an awesome place for our friends and kids to hang out. I just texted my husband a bunch of pergolas and outdoor patio furniture to buy because it's all on sale right now and I wanna spend time hanging out in our yard this fall. This bar would look adorable back there.

Click here to enter the contest and get more info about the contest here. But hurry, the contest ends soon.

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