As a gal that participated in college radio, this story hits a little closer to home.Though I'm sad it's not my alma mater, I'm happy it's right here in Jersey! Montclair State University’s 90.3 WMSC-FM in Essex County, has been rated the number one college radio station in the country!

According to the school’s  website, Montclair State’s radio station, 90.3 WMSC-FM, has won the highest honor, Best College Radio Station in the nation, in the annual awards for collegiate broadcasters.

I don’t think many people realize just how amazing of an accomplishment this is. There are thousands of college radio stations in the country. As I mentioned before, I also did college radio. I attended West Chester University of Pennsylvania and had my own show on their radio station, 91.7FM WCUR The Curve. Many students fight to get a spot on air, so as somebody that understands how difficult that is, I am so proud of Montclair State University! 

Montclair State University won four awards. Those awards include: Best Program Director; Best Business Manager; Best Use of Sound Effects; and Best Station at a college with more than 10,000 students.

The station is sure that a lot of the success of the station actually comes from the covid-19 lockdown. According to the website,  Kaya Maciak, who is the station’s Program Director, said, “Before the pandemic, you would just come in during your slot, sit down, maybe have a script prepared, go with the flow and trust the soundboard. But now there’s no soundboard. It’s you and your computer recording and editing. I think we’ve definitely had to put in a lot more energy and strategies into how we want to operate.” 


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