Being real with you, personally, I am not ready to go out and eat at a restaurant right now. Sure, I'll order take out but dining indoors I am not about that life just yet. recently reported that there is a pretty big percentage of people who have said that they are not ready to go sit at a restaurant.

The poll shared by stated that 60% of Americans are a little scared, just like me, and are not thinking about going to sit in a restaurant yet. Especially now that the talks about the second wave of COVID-19 are actually coming true.

According to Business Insider, about 3,000 people were a part of the survey that was conducted between June 26 and June 29. We learned that about 20% of the people that took the survey said they wouldn't mind going to a restaurant 2 or perhaps 3 times a month. That's pretty brave if you ask me. I am actually happy that I can't go out and eat because it has helped me save a little more.

From the looks of it, the sudden rise of COVID-19 cases has actually dropped the number a little on adults being ok with sitting at a restaurant and enjoying a meal. mentioned that within a week it went from 41% that wouldn't have an issue eating at a sit-down restaurant to 37%.

I am all for supporting local businesses but sitting indoors or even outdoors is still not my lifestyle yet. This big percentage of Americans not feeling comfortable about indoor dining will still hurt restaurants in a big way if they don't have the capability to offer take-out. It's unfortunate that thousands of food businesses have been forced to closed due to the coronavirus.

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