I’ve been thinking as of late, just how many movies have been filmed in Atlantic City, New Jersey throughout the years.

This does not count the many hundreds of mentions of Atlantic City in countless other well known movies.

For example, I was watching Rocky II last night. During the scene when Adrian is in the hospital, in a coma following the birth of their son … Rocky reads a poem that he wrote for Adrian.

Remember when we was on ice skates,

And I thought you was supposed to be great,

So I kept giving you lip, And you kept trying to slip,

So I could catch you.

That was our first date,

And after that,

Every day was great.

So now I want you to know, That wherever you go,

Atlantic City or in the snow, Don't worry about a thing,

'cause as long as I got this ring, I'll always be there to catch you.

~ Rocky's poem to Adrian in Rocky II

Take notice, next time you’re watching a movie and seemingly out of no where, there will be a reference about Atlantic City.

According to Wikipedia, here is a list of the movies that were filmed in Atlantic City:

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There are two movies titled “Atlantic City.” One was made in 1944 and the other in 1980.

I love the 1980 version, staring Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon. It is a fabulous movie from start-to-finish.

There is so much local flavor in this movie. Many prominent locals, such as George Wimberg appear in the movie.

The Resorts International Hotel & Casino (interior and exterior) is featured throughout the movie and looks great.

Robert Goulet sings a song during the movie that is all about Atlantic City. It’s awesome.

The movie also showcases Lucy The Elephant, The Atlantic City Boardwalk, Somers Point bridge, parts of Atlantic City, Margate, Longport and so much more.

Atlantic City was and remains a very relevant destination resort.

It is my hope that you enjoyed this walk down memory lane.

NOTE: Immediately below, is a photo gallery, with descriptions of the many key Atlantic City firsts throughout history.

SOURCE: Wikipedia.

Atlantic City's Firsts Throughout History

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