If you’re looking to have a wholesome day in Mercer County, New Jersey, Cherry Grove Farm has a really cool cooking class to check out. Cherry Grove Farm is a little far, that’s located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey right on Lawrenceville Road and they offer a ton of fun cooking classes that anyone can attend.

I recently just went to a ricotta-making class on the farm, and along with the class you got a quick tour of the farm, you get to meet some of the animals living on the farm, participate in the class, and then even got to try out the ricotta you made after with lunch right outside in the fields of the farm that is BYOB.

It’s a really wholesome experience and the perfect summer activity. This week and in weeks to come, they’re offering a mozzarella-making class that you can take right on the farm.

The staff at Cherry Grove will show you the basics of mozzarella making and you’ll get to go home with your homemade ball of mozzarella made from scratch. The class is approximately 2 hours long according to Cherry Grove’s website and tickets are on sale now for $75.


If you plan on taking a class like this, make sure to buy your tickets in advance because classes sell out quite fast. This Sunday’s class is already sold out, but on their website, you can already purchase tickets for their June 24th, July 9th, and July 23rd classes!

You can find more info on the classes they offer, their story and even check out some items they have in their farm store, here.

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