With the fast growing pace of COVID-19 spreading, more and more cities are asking the public to where masks at all times. Officials are now saying that Coronavirus can be spread just by talking or breathing. So to ensure public safety, stricter guidelines are being put in to place all over the country.

The Coronavirus taskforce has said that they Philadelphia may be the next hotspot. So the city has already sprung into action to prevent that from happening. However, there have been videos circulating the internet of people enforcing the guidelines in an inhumane way.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, SEPTA had a very short lived policy that required all riders to wear facial coverings. That ended after a video went viral of a man being dragged off of a bus by Philadelphia police officers for allegedly not wearing a mask. There was also another video of a bus driver yelling a riders to get off due to not wearing a mask.

These videos sparked outraged online. A lot of people called this unhelpful, inhumane and horrible. Some have suggested that trains and buses start giving out free masks to their riders to protect themselves and others.


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