New Jersey is home. In fact, I've never lived anywhere else. Other states look tempting, but Jersey is my favorite. So I was very happy to see the list of "The 50 best reasons to live in New Jersey" from I love the Garden State, but 50 reasons seemed overwhelming. So I picked my favorite eight from the list.

Let's see if you agree with me.

Here are my eight best reasons to love New Jersey:

1. Diners

New Jersey is filled with diners, and they serve some of the best food in the state. The menus found at some diners are huge. You can go to a diner for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night (after getting done from the club or bar).

2. The Shore

The Jersey shore is the best. The boardwalks, the rides, the food, and the ocean. The shore made Snooki a household name. Jokes aside, the Jersey shore is beautiful. Look at the picture below from LBI (Long Beach Island).

3. Pizza

New York may have some good pizza, but a Trenton tomato pie is where it's at, right? People should travel more often to NJ to taste our pizza.

4. Wawa

Yes, Wawas can be found in other states, but there is a love for it in the Garden State. You can get sandwiches, coffee, smoothies, snacks, donuts, and now gas all from one Wawa location. I even found a picture on Instagram (below) of someone who got the Wawa logo tattooed on their wrist. That's love.

5. Lucy The Elephant

The amazing famous Elephant has been many things throughout the years. It's located in Margate City, New Jersey and it's considered one of the oldest surviving roadside tourist attraction in America, according to Lucy's Wikipedia page.

6. Pork Roll

Not much to say other than that it's delicious, and it was created in New Jersey. I'm from Central Jersey so I call it pork roll, and I'm not a fan of calling it Taylor Ham. Sorry to offend you.

7. Kohr's/Kohr Bros. Custard

There are a ton of ice cream places in NJ, but there is something about going to the shore, walking the boardwalk and eating ice cream from Kohr's/Kohr Bros.

8. Adventure Aquarium

If you lived in the state you may have visited this aquarium in Camden several times with your family or on a school trip. My high school hosted my class' Senior Semi-Formal dance there, and it was super cool.

We could walk around the aquarium and the dance floor had these awesome lights that made it seem like the floor was liquid. A friend of mine even had her wedding reception there, and one side of the room was a giant glass tank.

I could go on and on about all the great things about New Jersey. So if you'd like to see the full list go here.

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