Happy Two Month Anniversary to me & my Husband!

We got engaged on a beach in Jamaica in April of 2017, we planned our wedding for over a year and when September 15, 2018 came, the day came, we couldn't believe how fast it went! I kept saying, I wanted to do it all over again, but not pay for it.

We had the most amazing wedding day and I know everyone says that, but we really did! We were surrounded by family and friends and a whole lot of love! (Despite the threat of a hurricane, we actually had a picture perfect day!) We even had sunglasses for our bridal party to wear on the beach where we took pictures because the sun was so bright!

Watching this highlight video from our videographer made me cry and brought back all the wonderful memories of our wedding day! I can't wait to see the full length! I'll probably cry through that one too!

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