A new survey by AAA says that most New Jersey citizens will be staying home for Thanksgiving. Almost half of them (46% to be exact) say it is due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The AAA survey was conducted from a pool of 791 New Jersey-ians.

So heres the breakdown of the new survey according to Patch:

88% of Jersey citizens will be staying home

54% say they weren’t going to travel anyway

85% say that they think travel of any sort is a risk

34% believe that the risk is “significant”

There are some people still traveling however, with 77% of NJ citizens planning to drive and 18% planning to fly.

When asked about the survey results, Tracy Noble, representative of AAA Mid-Atlantic had this to say, “Given the recent surge in COVID-19 and the strong urging of Governor Murphy and public health officials for everyone to stay home for the holiday, the Thanksgiving travel landscape continues to change. With that in mind, AAA conducted a new poll asking New Jersey residents who have decided against traveling for the holiday whether COVID-19, specifically, was the reason - and 46% said yes.”

Fun fact: According to Patch, you can expect lower than normal gas prices on Thanksgiving. Patch says that on average, gas prices nationally are nearly 50 cents cheaper than this time last year.


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