The Netflix show, "Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas, Season 2" is casting right here in our area, according to the casting website.

This is really cool. I'd love my home turned into a holiday wonderland, wouldn't you? Especially now, during the pandemic...we could all use some holiday magic as a distraction. So, I told my friend about it and she asked how I found out, thinking I was just randomly searching casting websites, trying to be famous....noooooo. Lol. I was scrolling through Facebook and in one of the local groups I'm in, a casting associate for this show posted that she was looking for local families, with heartwarming stories, wanting a holiday home makeover She invited those interested to apply online.

Totally intrigued and wanting to be able to tell you more so you could enter if you wanted to, I went to the website and found out more details.

JS Casting is looking for families or couples in the tri-state area to spread some holiday cheer to someone special. It could be a proposal plan or if you just want to make this the best Christmas ever for someone you love. You can also nominate someone in your community who you think is deserving. Maybe a frontline worker? A teacher? A loved one who's had a tough time recently, or what about an engaged couple looking to have their wedding at home.? Yeesss. This is giving me the chills.

It would so amazing to have this filmed around here, so tell everyone you know, so they can enter.

For more information and to apply online, click here.

Good luck.

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