I can't be the only one who's been in the Windsor Green shopping center (where Whole Foods is on Route 1 South in West Windsor) and noticed the "Nothing Bundt Cakes" sign on one of the vacant shops, and wondered what the heck is going on.

Seems like it would be some sort of new bakery, and after a quick Google search, it's been revealed that we do indeed have a new bakery coming to the area this spring. Again, the name is "Nothing Bundt Cakes" and guess what it's speciality is? You guessed it. Bundt cakes, of course. Lol. You know, that weird looking ribbed, round baking pan....yes, that's a bundt cake. They always look so good with the dripping icing.

"Nothing Bundt Cakes" is a franchise that has another location not that far up Route 1 North, in North Brunswick. Other locations around New Jersey include Wayne, Morristown, and Shrewsbury.

Glancing through their website has my mouth watering. The bundt cake flavors include chocolate chip, lemon, confetti, red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, classic vanilla, carrot, and more. You can order online, and they even have "Upcoming Cake Days" on their website, to remind you when you'll need a cake (I can always find an excuse to have cake! Lol).

We still have a little bit of a wait, but, it will be located at 3495 Route 1 South, Princeton.

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