A new app has hit the app store, and its name is Clubhouse. Pretty exclusive name isn’t it? Well, it is a rather exclusive app.

Created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, Clubhouse is a chat room app. The conversations are audio only and much like Snapchat, when they finish, they are gone without a trace. “I think Twitter is the closest analogy because you find, get to know, and follow people that you don't know,” one coder had to say to Wired about the app. “But the audio format is fascinating because you can have it on in the background, it's not a permanent record, it's multi-way.”

According to the Oprah Magazine, the app is notable for its many famous users such as Oprah, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart and Ashton Kutcher. In order to get into a conversation, you have to be invited which is why a lot of buzz has been building around this app.

For my take on all this, I think it is absolutely worth the hype. I was invited by a friend and have been addicted every since. It is so cool to be able to be in chat rooms with people like Joe Budden and 21 Savage and have a everyday conversation. There is opportunity to learn from so many people in different industries and you're literally gaining free knowledge.

However, I do think these celebs are being paid or asked to use it for now, and they may not be on it in the long term. And the “exclusivity” of being invited isn’t any different then when you receive a zoom link or an invite from your friend. I was invited from my best friend in college.

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