I am married but, I know plenty of people who are single and they say that right now, dating sucks. Well, they say that pandemic or not dating sucks, whether it's online or just in general. My friends are looking for someone who wants a relationship and what they are finding is that people are just looking for hook-ups. It's tough because right now   there isn't really much to do when it comes to dating and most people are still social distancing, so that's hard to go on a date with someone wearing a mask and sitting six feet apart.

One of the things my friend old me yesterday while we were on the phone, is that she rarely finds guys who actually want to talk on the phone. Once she finds one, she gets very excited about it. The News & Observer reported on a young woman who is only twenty years old, but she created her own dating site that may take off for people who are looking for some love during this pandemic. Ileana Valdez is in her third year at Yale University and she and her friends developed the site when their college shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. It immediately took off when they posted a Google form to see if any students would have interest. Their website, Okzoomer, has about 20,000 subscribers and I'm sure it'll keep growing. When you sign up, you just have conversations with people, but you don't meet. This created an experience that you will really get to know someone. It sounds pretty cool and I think I'll tell all my single friends about it. You can read more about Ileana and Okzoomer here. 


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