Halloween season is here and so are all the fun horror plays. The 'Rocky Horror Show' makes is making a come-back to the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope. The show, which also was performed at the Playhouse last year, will run October 12 through the 28th.

Credit: Christian Marquardt

'Rocky Horror Show' is a musical that is based off a 1975 classic film. The 90 minute musical (with no intermission) is about a couple that is looking for shelter after being stranded in Ohio. The couple ends up taking on an encounter with a transvestite Dr. Frank ‘N’ Furter.

Credit: Christian Marquardt

This particular musical debuted out in London in 1973. Just a year later it premiered in Los Angeles, Ca.

The Playhouse recommends audiences be over the age of 17. As is common with Rocky Horror, there are several late-night performances (11 pm) as well during the show's run.

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