A new hotel will be opening in New Hope, PA on August 1st. The Ghost Light Inn will be on the banks of the Delaware River, right next to Bucks County Playhouse, according to Bucks Local News.

It's being described as a "luxury boutique hotel" with incredible water views. It's also home to the popular, new restaurant, Stella, which I didn't know until reading the article, was named after the owners, Sherri and Kevin Daugherty's dog.

There's a story behind the name of the new Inn, also. It got its name from a "ghost light." If you know your theatrical terms, you know that a ghost light is a lamp that's always left on, on stage, even when the stage is not bring used, for the safety of the cast and crew. There's also an old tale, that it gives ghosts a performance light when the theatre is dark. Ohhh, creepy. Lol. I had no idea.

It's a cozy Inn, with 12 unique rooms in the main building and 3 in the nearby Carriage House. It's been completely renovated to preserve the history of the building...it originally opened as the Playhouse Inn, back in the mid-1950s.

Good news for dog lovers...your best furry friend is welcome to stay with you. The Inn offers "cushioned beds, water bowls, an emergency supply of food, a leash and, of course, treats." You can check out their website for more details.

If you're looking for a great getaway, you don't have to go far, head to New Hope. Take in a show, dine at Stella, and stay at the new Ghost Light Inn, starting August 1st.




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