Candace Bushnell, the author of “Sex in the City” is creating a one-woman show called “Is There Still Sex in the City?” to premiere this summer at the Bucks County Playhouse.

WHYY announced this news, detailing the author’s new endeavor. Sex in the City has not only become a bestselling book but also a tv series and the focus of two films. The Sex in the City era is considered to be an iconic time in popular culture. In 2019, Bushnell released another novel called “Is There Still Sex in the City?” and describes the book as being “about life after 50, you know, as a woman or a man in a time when, in a sense, you’re supposed to kind of go away and be invisible,” Bushnell said. “That’s just not happening these days. Our lives don’t end at 50.”

The show will be running from June 22-July 18 in New Hope. WHYY said that Bushnell has never performed theatrically but she has spent a lot of time in front of audiences for interviews and book events so she is no stranger to being the one everyone is looking at.

Lorin Latarro, the director of the play, has directed and choreographed 10 shows at this Playhouse and even “Mrs. Doubtfire” on Broadway. WHYY reports that Latarro says, “I love Bucks County Playhouse. This is an artistic home for me. There’s something about this space that makes us make bold choices and big risks. The audiences that come here, they’re generous and smart. I think it’s the perfect place to start this show.

I have always been obssesed with Sex and the City, so this is something that I cannot miss out on. Especially since it's right in our area.


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7 Friend-Tested Meal Delivery Services


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