Have you ever been out for drinks with a friend and they are constantly snap chatting or texting someone else? You try talking to them and they aren't even listening because they were looking down on their screen? We've all been there.

Now you're trying to sleep and your phone is blowing up with a ton of messages and e-mails. You can silence your phone... but you'll have to flip it over so it's not lighting up throughout the night. The worst.

Apple is working to reduce these distractions.  iOS12 will allow an iPhone user to go into their settings and regulate their screen usage. Users will be able to select the amount of time they wish to spend on each app, and will receive reminders when they've used up their allotted time. Another valuable feature is "down time," which allows you to select a time at night when you want to put the phone down for a good nights sleep. This feature will restrict you from using apps and receiving certain notifications during these set times. This is also a good tool for parents, who will be able to block time usage on a child's device. Here are some other options to reduce usage.

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