If you are already planning a date night with your significant other or perhaps a new date just know that soon there will be a new restaurant option for you in Bordentown. According to BurlingtonCountyTimes.com, the owners of the fancy Toscano restaurant in Bordertown are looking to start a new restaurant, Angelo’s Trattoria.

We learned from Burlington County Times that the new restaurant will be located very close to Toscano’s in Bordentown. They are literally about a block away from each other. The new Angelo's Trattoria will be located at 218 Farnsworth Ave.

Burlington County Times also reported that the new Angelo's Trattoria will be offering all of the Italian dishes, such as pasta and raviolis, that were eliminated from the Toscano’s menu. One of the owners, Zack Melker, told Burlington County Times that one of the reasons why they're bringing back those Italian dishes is because they "missed those lost menu dishes." We guess opening a new restaurant will definitely help not miss the old menu.

One thing that you will probably like about the new Angelo's Trattoria will be that the restaurant will be a very small and intimate spot. It was reported by Burlington County Times that the new establishment will have a capacity of 45 people seating. That sounds way smaller than your average fancy sit down restaurant.

With everything that has been going on with the pandemic, restaurants have been following some very strict guidelines and Angelo's Trattoria is planning to do the same. Burlington County Times mentioned that once the restaurant opens it will be offering both take-out and curbside services.

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