There has been a lot of barefoot discussions these days.

For example, is it illegal to drive barefoot in New Jersey?

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I guess that one isn't too bad but I cringed at what I saw earlier this week -- and multiple times!

Here's a shocker: I am someone who spends as much time as possible at the beach. It is my happy place.

Samuel Micut, Thinkstock
Samuel Micut, Thinkstock


I was out and about enjoying my day until I spotted someone walking along the boardwalk barefoot.

It makes me quiver even to just write about it.

I got over it and continued to go about my day.

Then later when I was on my way back to my place, I spotted someone JOGGING on the boardwalk with no shoes or socks on whatsoever.

WOW! Running by choice? Kudos to this guy!

Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Boardwalk in Wildwood NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

But this seems weird to me for three reasons:

1. Aren't you worried about splinters? I've had some BAD ONES that have scarred me for life.

2. There must be germs everywhere! Aren't you concerned?

3. I am someone who hates feet. Do we really want hundreds of sweaty and greasy people walking barefoot on our boardwalks every Summer?

I get that we are barefoot on the beach but up on the boardwalk? Seems like a bit much.

I feel like the rest of this Summer at the Jersey Shore is going to be a madhouse because people are still itching to get out.

google maps
google maps

I for one will always throw a pair of sandals or flip flops on to avoid the sweat and germs coming from thousands of people's bare feet.

To some, this may sound like a silly concern.

But feet GROSS ME OUT. Plus, who knows what you are stepping on.

We are going to have thousands of people on and off our boardwalks....I don't want my feet touching that stuff. Do you?

To me, maybe we should go barefoot on the sand but wear sandals on the boardwalk.

Do you agree?

Prepare yourselves for more Summer topic discussions to come because I am loving this Summer season.

Got something you think we should discuss? Shoot me an email at

Happy bathing suit and flip flop shopping!

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