Talk about spooky. A cemetery in New Jersey is being accused of stacking bodies on top of each other.

Have you ever heard of Laurel Grove Cemetery in Towata, New Jersey? It had a great reputation up until this point for its compassion and kindness. Families of the deceased buried in the cemetery have raved on google about the place being very well kept and very peaceful.

Well, all of that has changed as of recently. A Tik Tok video has gone viral of a woman accusing the cemetery of putting someone else's body over her sister's grave. In a three-part series, Jessica Tawil documents how a pile of dirt had been thrown on her sister's grave with a very foul odor.

Tawil and her family are seen in the video arguing with employees of the cemetery about the mix-up and trying to figure out who is buried on top of their loved one. Tawil says that the plot cost them $12,000 in total. Not to mention the cemetery had no answers for them and was extremely unprofessional.

Laurel Grove Cemetery spoke with TMZ and said this entire situation was a misunderstanding. They said the Tawil family simply came on a day where they happened to be performing routine maintenance on the plots.

This week we performed routine maintenance on a grave space and two adjoining spaces as well as many other spaces in our cemetery,” Laurel Grove Cemetery Vice President William Pesodelis said according to PIX11. “In this instance, a backhoe bucket of soil was placed on the area in question on Monday afternoon. This was to service three adjoining graves.”

However, the family isn't buying it. According to TMZ, they plan on taking legal action against the cemetery.



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