Did you recognize two faces on Shark Tank this weekend?

Yeah, New Jersey's Joanna and David Parker appeared on Sunday (December 9)'s episode. They needed help
to expand their meal delivery service for kids.

By the way: if you've never seen Shark Tank before, it's a show on ABC that's been around for many years. The 'sharks' are a team of investors that are extremely successful, and they sit on a panel while entrepreneurs pitch their products. They're all trying to convince the sharks to invest in their company.  Some get offers, others get the boot. It can sometimes be cringe-worthy depending on the product of business because sometimes the sharks will think their idea or product is not worth investing in and even make rude comments about it. Yeah, some entrepreneurs leave without having elicited any offers.

The sharks must have liked what the Parkers presented for their delivery service, Yumble. SPOILER: they walked away with a $500,000 deal.

So who invested in them? It was actually a guest Shark, reality TV star and successful businesswoman, Bethenny Frankel.

Frankel, who was tweeting along with the episode on Sunday, had one reaction to the Yumble deal: “BOOM":

The Parkers will now try to expand their operation. I'm hoping they're successful, of course.

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