Has the Scrub Daddy sponge revolutionized the way you clean your house? Now, you've got a place right here in South Jersey to shop for nothing but Scrub Daddy goods!

I need to make something clear before I get carried away. THIS IS NOT AN AD. This post is NOT sponsored. I am just truly a Scrub Daddy convert.

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I don't know how to adequately explain how the Scrub Daddy and its range of products turned me into a cleaning junky. Maybe it's the smiley face that freed me from complaining about scrubbing dishes, but I'm pretty sure it's the power and technology of the sponge itself. I mean, it was featured on Shark Tank and rose to popularity for a good reason. Remember the all-out BIDDING WAR?

And, it's not just the Scrub Daddy and Scrub Mommy cleaning sponges. It's the Scrub Daddy Power Paste. HOLY MOLY! I have tried EVERYTHING to get the gunk off my kitchen range and soap scum out of my bathtub. I finally broke down and bought the Power Paste (which has gone viral) and IT TRULY WORKED! I was amazed how it broke down grease and grime. I'm not only devoted to Scrub Daddy, I'm in awe of it.

So, imagine my surprise when I was scrolling Instagram and a Scrub Daddy post popped up promoting an official STORE. I thought, "this must be L.A. or Nashville," but NO. The Scrub Daddy Smile Shop is RIGHT HERE IN SOUTH JERSEY, in Camden County in fact!




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It's got all the Scrub Daddy products you could possibly want, including a claw machine to win some Scrub Daddy freebies, and a photo center to capture your time at the Smile Shop. It just might be the friendliest place in all the Garden State!

The Smile Shop is located at 1700 Suckle Highway in Pennsauken, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Just TRY to keep me outta this place. Lol.

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