New Jerseyans! It’s time to bundle up! Grab your winter coats, gloves, hates and scarves! Winter is officially on its way. Even though we are just getting over the remnants of the last big rainstorm from over the weekend, another's on its way. This one may even bring snow!

According to, forecasters are closely monitoring a storm system that is expected to hit the south-central region of the country and move out towards the north and east this weekend. While the amount of rain, snow, or ice is unknown, it is best to just prepare for it all. After all, it all comes down to the intensity and the track of the storm. says that the forecast can change being that the weekend is still a few days away, but the weather service advises that Sussex County, northern Warren County, Hunterdon, Somerset, and northern Morris County prepare for snow on Friday morning. With lots of rain following, and potential snow again the following days. New Jersey as a whole should prepare for rain. Lots of cold, wet, rain. says that depending on the track the storm follows parts of central and northern Pennsylvania and upstate New York could also experience snow. It’s definitely winter season here!

With the weather putting a damper on the weekend, probably not the best idea to schedule a top golf outing, an outdoor restaurant reservation, or a walk in the park, it’s about time for some snow! The thought of curling up with a good book or tv show, with some hot cocoa and the fireplace burning this weekend sounds good to me!

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